Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Camp has begun!

Today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo and I am very excited.  My goal for camp this April is to write another 50,000+ words for a novel.  This one has grown on me.  It is titled 'Reunion Stories: The Triumphs, Trial and Tribulations of the Lincoln High Class of 1978.' I know its a bit of a long title, but I wanted it be be clear what I was talking about.  I've already made some good progress and even have an excerpt I am willing to share.  Enjoy!


Mona picked up on the second ring. “Hello.”
“Hi, it’s me.  You busy?”
“No, not really, just working but that can always wait.  What’s up?”
“I just got a request from someone I barely remember to join the Facebook Group.  Do you remember Tad Roberts?”
“Tad Roberts. Tad Roberts. No it really isn’t familiar,” said Mona lost in thought.
“I looked up his picture and he was that one kids who was so into Disco, with the bell bottoms and the silk shirts open to the waist and the chains on his neck.  You know he wanted to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.”
“Wait, I think I remember him. Afro and glasses?” Moan asked, her memory sparked.
“Yep, that’s him.  Or I should say was him.  He said he now goes by Teri,” said Jaime.
“Are you serious?  Do you think he’s transgender or just gay?”
“I don’t know, but there has to be a story in there somewhere.”
“I bet most of the alumni have at least one interesting story.  You know what, I think we should try to gather as many stories as we can and put it all together into a book.”
“That’s a great idea!  We could ask everyone to submit whatever stories they want, whether from High School or what’s happened to them since.  I bet we could get it all together and publish it for the reunion. Let me look at something.” Jaime was searching out a website on her computer. “Got it.  We could self-publish the books in full color for about $70 per book up to 150 copies.  It could be a sort of updated yearbook.”
“Of course that will be a lot of work,” Mona hesitated.
“Come on, I think we need to do this.  I’ll tell you what, we can put up a poll on the page to see if people would be interested.  We can ask if they would be willing to contribute as well as if they would be willing to buy one.”

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