Thursday, January 8, 2015

The results are in...

The second round results from the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge have been posted and while I didn't make the cut to move on to the semi-final round, I did earn points in both of the first 2 rounds. To me that is pretty exciting - in my group, I wrote well enough to place ninth int he first round and fifteenth in the second round.  My total point score was 7.  It took 17 points to make it into the next round in my group.

The experience was wonderful and it helped me to push my boundaries and explore screenwriting. I actually like it and am definitely going to do more of it. I will take the feedback from both the judges and the peer reviews under consideration for future writing of all kinds.  Much of it was screenplay specific but other comments had more to do with setting and character development and I know I can improve that in much of what I write.

Will I do it again, probably.  Will I look for other challenges to help me expand and hone my craft - definitely.