Monday, November 14, 2016

2106 NaNoWriMo novel excerpt number 1

I've been working hard on my novel this month.  It has been a struggle trying to keep it on track and working with a difficult premise.  Here is an excerpt:

"My son, aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself?" asked Bestla. "We haven't even decided if we are truly willing to make the sacrifices and put the family through this ordeal.  I see much strife and turmoil as we compete against the others teams, if we are selected to compete.  We must not make light of the toll it will take on this family."
"Mother, I think we are all aware that the competition will be an arduous one with much time away from here and the comforts of home, but the rewards of having our own planet and the recognition and status afforded to the victor will be worth it. I would rather die fighting for something than wither away doing nothing."
"That is a lovely speech young Odin, but please don't assume we are all looking for that glory and recognition.  Your ambition will be your downfall one day," said Borr.
"I see this as a great opportunity for us to each showcase our talents and special interests. We all have our strengths and if we organize ourselves to play to those I know we can win."
"The first thing we should do is decide if we are willing and interested in putting our application in for this challenge. Everyone take your time and think about this.  We will hold the vote tomorrow and then abide by the group's decision.  I do, strongly urge everyone to think of the glory that could be ours."
After the family broke apart and started heading their own ways, Borr sat down with Odin at the dinner table. "You do realize that getting everyone to work together is a full time job in itself not to mention the added stress of competing against others for the competition."
"Yes, father, but that is my strength - I was born to lead and feel my talents are being wasted.  These little simulations and games we play barely start to scratch the itch that is my need to lead."
"I still don't think you truly appreciate what all this will take.  I do support you and will offer my counsel as best I am able to give it.  You should consult with Buri and tap his knowledge.  He was a leader well before even I was born and has created worlds.  His counsel is invaluable. I think if you can sway him to partake once more, then you will win the vote and we will put in our bid to compete."
"Yes, father, I will consult grandfather and convince him to relive his past glory."
"I wouldn't recommend that particular tactic as that would likely just serve to remind him that he is no longer the being he once was. You would do far better to play on his stature and wisdom rather than his former strength."
"I will remember that as I talk with him.  Thank you Father.  I take it I have your support in the upcoming vote, then?"
"If you can convince Buri, then I am with you as well."
The next morning the family gathered once again to take the vote and determine whether they would apply to compete in this competition.  There was little small talk or discussion.  Each knew that this would be a monumental task and that they would need to put forth their full effort in order to achieve the win.  The question was how committed were they to this.
"Family, the time has come.  We will do this vote anonymously. I have 2 gems for each of you. The ruby indicated that you are committed to glory and fame while the emerald indicates you are willing to forgo this and stay with our mundane comfortable existence.  Before you I have placed 2 containers.  Please approach one at a time and place your preferred stone in the top container and your other in the bottom container. I will start." With that Odin strode forward with a gem in each hand.  Not bothering to hide his vote, he placed the Ruby in the top and the emerald in the bottom and left the room.  One by one the rest of the family approached the containers.  Most shielded their vote from the rest but a few, like Thor, were open about the fact that they supported Odin's proposal to apply for the competition and glory.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016

OK, I have decided to once again participate in the NaNoWriMo this year.  This will be my 4th year in a row to participate and I have achieved Winner status the last 3 years, having written over 50,000 words each year. Of course I do need to work on this novels that I have written to get them into some type of publishable form.

This year I am toying with an idea that seems relatively plausible and revolves around various mythological deities and earth as a great social experiment.  I have always been fascinated by the fact that all of the ancient cultures had gods that were similar but with different names.  My novel will explore this concept.  I am tentatively calling it 'They Were Right!'

Wish me luck as I will be spending much time and effort to get my 50,000+ words on the page between November 1 and 30.  If you would like more information on the National Novel Writing Month, please visit