Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The clock says 4:08. 
“Man am I tired.  What am I doing this for?  Oh yeah, to get healthy.  To lose weight.  Better get to it.” These are the thoughts that go through my sleepy brain as I head out to the garage to get in my morning ride.  A few quick stretches, I buckle on my helmet, put on my gloves and I’m ready to go.
I mount up on the bike and push off on my way.  Like magic as I turn the first few cranks of the pedals I come fully awake.  As the wind starts whistling by I realize that all of the other reasons, while valid, don’t compare to the magic of flying along under pedal power.
While it is early, the sun is starting to spread color to the sky.  The peace and tranquility call me back every day.  This is why I ride.  To experience something I’ve not found anywhere else, a sense of accomplishment and pure joy at moving along under my own power.