Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They're here!

Dave couldn't believe others didn't see it.  It was so obvious to him.  There are aliens visiting us.

It was all over the news if one could just understand the stories behind the stories.  Flocks of birds found dead, having met with trauma in mid air and fallen to earth.  Fish dead in the millions in calm water with no biological reason.  It is so obvious.

Time to call Janet and let her know the truth.

His fingers tremble as he pushes the buttons on his phone.  Just as the phone starts to ring he hangs up.

What if I'm wrong.  What if she thinks I'm crazy.  What if there is some other "logical" explanation?

No, there isn't.  Just like in the scene in Star Trek IV where the birds littered the park next to the cloaked bird of prey, there were cloaked alien spacecraft causing these incidents.

He dials again.  This time he doesn't hang up.


"Janet, its Dave."

"Hi Dave."

"Janet I have some thing important to tell you. Can I come over?"

"Dave, now isn't a good time.  I was just on my way out."

"Janet are you coming?" he hears in the background on the phone.  He recognizes Steve's voice immediately.

"This is important.  I really need to tell you this before you go anywhere."

"Sorry, Dave, now is not a good time.  I'll call you la" and the phone went dead.

"Janet?  Janet?  Can you hear me?"  He looked at the phone and it showed Call Ended.

He hit the buttons to redial, but it wouldn't go through.

He tried again.

Still nothing.

He looked out the window and noticed the day had gotten dark.  Then he saw the reason why.

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  1. I'm wondering whether you gave too much up in that first paragraph. I like the tie-in with those strange current events. Crisp dialogue too.